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Coveralls & Protective Wears
Coveralls and protective wear we deal in are highly essential for several industries and situations where workers have to deal with many hazardous materials, such as chemicals, acids etc. These are must for all working surrounding for ensuring the safety of workers. 
School Uniforms
The School Uniforms are the indispensable part of an educational establishment, which give students an identity and maintain the decorum and discipline of the schools. These are made from comfortable and smooth fabrics, which provide comfort to the students. 
School Uniform Shirting Album
We deal in School Uniform Shirting Albums, which have plethora of options to choose from. These albums have choices to be made that what you want for your uniform. We have assorted color and pattern options through which buyers can pick without nay hassle and time wastage. 
PTFE Coated School Uniforms
PTFE coated school uniforms are extremely popular in the recent years due to their several functional benefits. These high comfort and simple maintenance uniforms are resistant to stains cased by liquids and foods and they remainpresentable for longer time.
Antibacterial School Uniforms
The Antibacterial School Uniforms supplied by us are complete solutions for preventing the spread of several infectious diseases. These special uniforms have been made to cut down the spread of bacteria as well as viruses in schools. These are crucial for long run and reduce the healthcare costs. 
Sweat Absorbent School Uniforms
We are dealing in Sweat Absorbent School Uniforms, which are sweat absorbent and supercomfortable uniforms of several benefits. These can do away with the occurrence of skin irritation as well as fungal infections.After wearing these uniforms, students feel comfortable and confident.
Lycra School Uniforms
The Lycra school uniforms are very comfortable uniforms for students. These provide a professional appearance and suffice as the cost-effective and long-lasting solution for schools.These fit snugly and stretch as per wearersbody shape or size.
School Uniform Shirting fabric Album
We deal in School Uniform Shirting fabrics Albums, which make sure that the students look all the same, regardless of their monetary status or background. We have a vast collection of patternsand colors to be choose from. Our album enables ease and convenience to the users.
French Terrain Fabrics
We deal in French Terrain Fabrics, which are used to make several types of uniform, apparel and clothing. The said fabrics have been made to fulfill the assorted demands of valued clients. Thesehighly durable fabrics have superior comfort and suited for regular use. 
French Terrain Shirting
French Terrain Shirting supplied by us are accessible with superior quality and unique features. These serve as the ideal choice for all those who are looking for a comfortable as well as stylish shirt. The fabricshavesmoothness, moisture-wicking properties and breathability. 
Kids School Uniforms
Kids schools uniforms we deal in are made for making an equity atmosphere in the schools. These are worn by the kids of different ages. We provide these uniforms in different sizes, as per the needs. These are have been made from easy to care and comfy fabrics, which are apt for long-lasting use as well.
We deal in Thobes, which function as the highly important part of Muslim and Arab cultures. These function as the symbol of tradition and cultural identity. Inaddition, these are comfortable to wear. 

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